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Sama ED Folder Shape Light Weight Foldable Stool, Orange color, 1 piece pack

  • Portable Folding Stool >> What is the most convenient stool you can imagine? Our foldable stool will refresh your cognitive limit again. It is not only a folding stool, but also a hand basket. It is light and easy to use, strong and durable.
  • Portable and Lightweight >> This folding stool weighs only 415g, which is as light as a notebook. Lightweight design is to reduce the weight of carrying. The design with a handle is to allow you to easily carry it with you. You will find it unique and pleased with its practicality.
  • Multipurpose >> It can be used as a folder or a shopping bag. Imagine using this multi-functional stool to carry some fruits or food for a picnic. During a picnic, it can instantly transform into a small stool. It does not require any assembled and foldable directly, it is so magical!
  • Multi-scene Use >> It occupies a small space, can be inserted into the back pocket of the bag, and can be used anytime and anywhere. Whether you are doing barbecue, picnic, traveling, changing shoes or as a toilet stool at home, this foldable stool has many advantages.
  • Weight upto 80kg it can sit.


Jaypee My Place Stool - Junior - 1 piece

  • 6 Colours available (Brown / Mirror Grey / Black / Ivory / Beige / Silver)
  • No assembly or screws to re-tighten, since the stool is moulded in one piece
  • Matt and glossy finish to provide a better gripping .Portable and easy to store
  • Anti-skid rubber in the base top surface avoid slipping.  Stackable , Rust Free, Easy to Clean
  • Ideal for kitchen also suitable for home, hotel, bathroom & office
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design .High quality of material
This Jaypee Plus Rattan stool is big in size & perfect for superior grip and safety.This stool combines minimalistic design with time tested comfort and functionality. lt is made of virgin plastic, assuring the best durablity. Provide extra seating and style to your home, they give your interiors a chic, urban look, whether you put them in the living room, bedroom or in the dining area; with its contemporary and modern design, they can also be used in public spaces like restaurants, institutes, colleges, bars, hotels, meeting rooms and waiting areas. It comes in a soothing color to ensure it looks great wherever it is placed.The stool is extremely convenient to use and packs solid strength. This isn???t one of those flimsy stools that go bust this promises high quality and durability. Jaypee Plus plastic round stool is the perfect piece of portable furniture to sit. Made of strong and durable material. This stackable stool is made of heavy duty plastic. Round shaped with side curves. The curve design will prevent from any harm that happens from sharp edges. Durable and strong thus long lasting.With this Jaypee Plus classic non-slip base stool, performing day to day tasks becomes easy. Multipurpose stool, it's perfect for nearly any location and floor surface. The stool is contoured to fit around toilet bases but is also perfect to help reach the sink and many other places. This stackable stool is made of heavy duty plastic with slip resistant surfacing. Can be cleaned with a soft cloth and can be wiped down with a warm cloth. The is strong enough to last for a longer period, without any wear and tear and yet give you comfortable sitting experience

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Jaypee Rib Bath Stool - 1 piece

6 Colours available (Brown / Beige / Mirror Grey / Bottle grey / Smoke grey / Transparent)
Ribbed body for extra strength.
Easy to carry without bending or breaking. easy maintenance and convenient to clean.
It is made up of good quality plastic.
Rib bath stool is going to give your bathroom the complete look. Ribbed body for extra strength. Easy to carry without bending or breaking. easy maintenance and convenient to clean.The bathroom bucket is made up of good quality plastic, durable and sturdy to withstand extreme temperature.
Size & Weight : 34/30x34/30x26cm &  660grm
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Mango Murfi Plastic Step Stool - 1 piece

  • 5 colours available (Red, Yellow, Orange, Sea Blue, Brown)
  • Size 24/20x44x60
  • Give your children a boost with Mango amazing dual-height step stools that provide optimal support, safety, and care for your young child as they grow and learn to do things on their own. For potty training, brushing teeth, washing hands, or just reach places they just can't get to at their size, our stools provide them with ideal support that's both exceptional and safe.
  • SAFE / STURDY : 2 step stools use thick slip resistant rubber feet for floor grip - unlike other stools which use thin plastic feet inserts (see photo comparison) - and our gray soft grip rubber surface provides an extra level of safety, comfort, and secure footing for your child.
  • CLEAN AND STYLISH :- We only use materials that are non-toxic, BPA free, PVC free, and environmentally friendly. Our stain resistant design is easy to wipe down and clean. Our stools are not only incredibly useful, but stylish as well ??? and designed to match any house d??cor with a clean white & gray color scheme, tasteful logo in the upper right corner, and product label unobtrusively placed out of view - unlike other stool brands that advertise front and center.
  • GREAT FOR POTTY TRAINING :- When used in conjunction with our matching toilet training seat, our step stool makes potty training a breeze! Made of the same materials and featuring a neutral gray and white color palette, this set fits seamlessly into any bathroom???s d??cor.
  • PERFECT FOR GROWING KIDS : Our dual height design with wide steps help toddlers step their way up to independence as they transition from toilet potty training, to washing hands and brushing teeth at the sink, to finally reaching counter tops and cabinets in your home and kitchen.
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Mango TikTok Plastic Stool With Backrest - 1 piece

  • 9 colours available (Red, Citrus Green, Orange, Pink, Marian Blue, Black, Weather Brown, Sandle Wood, & Marbel Beige)
  • This is portable and light weight so you can carry it anywhere, this is easy to clean and can be wiped down with a cloth, this is ideal for home, kitchen, bathroom, washroom etc. Compare with similar items.
  • Ideal for multipurpose and also suitable for home, kitchen, bathroom, and hotel.
  • Strong legs for better durability. The comfortable and strong backrest can sustain weight up to 85kgs.
  • It is made up of 100% Virgin strong and durable plastic.
  • Provides comfortable seating
  • Size 37x31x60cm

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