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Nutri-Blend BOLT-600W Mixer-Grinder

Nutri-Blend BOLT-600W Mixer-Grinder

Brands Wonderchef
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Nutri-blend is India???s best-selling mixer-grinder-blender thanks to its powerful motor, beautiful looks, unbreakable transparent jars and awesome performance. And now with Nutri-blend BOLT, you have 50% extra power, 600W large sized motor and even better results. Due to its compact frame, the power to weight ratio is so favorable that it delivers a performance equivalent to a normal mixer-grinder of 1000W. Like Nutri-blend, the NB-BOLT is also a complete system ??? you can begin with the 2 jars, and keep adding the large mixing jar, the chopper, juicer & food processor attachments separately as your needs evolve. What???s more, the jars and attachments in BOLT are the same as normal Nutri-blend, so you can easily upgrade from one to another.

Delivery of the product will take 2-4 days depends on availabilitity of courier.
Abdul Wajeed 03 Apr 2022


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