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Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottle MCZ-A060 (0.6L) (600ml) - 1 piece

Tiger Vacuum Insulated Bottle MCZ-A060 (0.6L) (600ml) - 1 piece

Brands TIGER
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3 colours available (Shadow Gray / Lilac Pink / Smoke White)
1. Slant handle
Naturally fits in fingers, wearable sense
2. Wide mouth with strainer
Mouth that has ice stopper to drink stress-free
3. Light
Spinning process, Tiger's original technique, makes it possible to produce the lighter bottles because the inner wall is processed as thin as possible.

4. Temperature retention with vacuum insulation
Vacuum - Insulated stainless double wall realizes high heat retention and cold storage! Keep warm drinks warm, cold drinks cold, keep drinking temperatures for a long time.

5. Non-slip finished surface
It is easy to grab the bottle even with a wet hand because the body's surface is Non-slip finished with the powder coating that intentionally makes unevenness.

6. Elastomer bottom (rubber)
Bottom rubber coating that makes it difficult to damage floors

7. ???Super Clean??? interior finish
Protects against odors and stains.

8. Few Detachable Parts
Entirely clean by washing each detachable parts.

9. Entirely washable
Leaser welding, Tiger's original technique, used in the bottom part prevents the waterdrop from entering inside of the body. Therefore, the body is washable entirely and well drained.

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