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Apex Easy Chopper 750ml (Approx) - 1 piece pack

Apex Easy Chopper 750ml (Approx) - 1 piece pack

Brands Apex
Product Code:PRDT2022041506327
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  • ₹245.00

    ₹499.00 50.90% Offer
  • 199 Knife cuts in less than 20 second 
  • High Grade 304 stainless steel blades 
  • 40-50 hardness
  • Unbreakable material with Sharp blade
This Chopper is an alternative to electronics which saves electricity. A Product for your all daily small routine tasks. It is Versatile, quick, easy to use. The blade is positioned nicely for chopping fruits and vegetables properly.

Delivery of the product will take 2-4 days depends on availabilitity of courier.

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