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Nanobot Sports Stainless Steel Bottle Dash lid 1000ml

Nanobot Sports Stainless Steel Bottle Dash lid 1000ml

Brands Nanobot
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  • Nanobot Hydro steel bottle are single large 100% stainless steel bottles, both inside out.
  • Ergonomically Designed handles & easy to carry.
  • Ideal refrigerator bottle at home and offices.
  • Light weight designed sports bottle perfect for your gym bag, car , bicycle, back pack to enjoy long hikes trekking, yoga class, long road trip or any other outdoor activities.
  • narrow mouth for easy cleaning with bottle brush.
  • Ideal sports and Hydration mate.
  • BPA free
  • Proudly Made in India 
Notice : Nanobot Hydro Steel bottle are 100% stainless steel single layer bottle that is it cannot keep warm or cold and was not designed to do so.
Delivery of the product will take 2-4 days depends on availabilitity of courier.

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