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Sama Yueli Anti-Slip Shelf Liner 60x300cm

Sama Yueli Anti-Slip Shelf Liner 60x300cm

Brands SAMA
Product Code:PRDT2022042406918
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  • ₹590.00

  • 5 colours available (orange, blue, grey, brown, pink, beige)
  • Anti-Slip roll mat can be cut with scissors to any shape or size as per your needs. Use them in kitchen, bathroom, drawer shelves, refrigerators, dining tables, etc. Can be used as a table mat & desk mat to enhance beauty
  • Ideal for using as a refrigerator mats to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher, perfect for dressing up your heavy duty book shelves, counter top, dining table or even desk, great decor for home, kitchen and office etc
  • Shelf mat has convex polka dots textured design on top (ventilated, non-slip and non-stick when putting things on) and smooth pattern. Non-adhesive surface ensures no sticky residue left on shelf after changing it out
  • Made of solid and flexible PVC, BPA free and odor free, mildew free, water-proof, moisture-proof, resists-stains, safe to file fruit and vegetables in refrigerator
  • Notice : Mention the colour in your order below comment section
Delivery of the product will take 2-4 days depends on availabilitity of courier.

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